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8 Awesome New Web Tools Teachers should not Miss

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is back to you here with another list of some excellent web tools to try this week. We have handpicked these tools from several blogs and websites over the last 10 days and we hope that you will find this collection useful to your teaching.

As we always say in this section of web tools in review, our aim behind such lists is to provide busy teachers and educators with a platform from which they can  discover and keep updated  with  the recent releases in the world of educational technology.

Check out these tools.

1- Gnowledge

Gnowledge is a free to use education platform where everyone can create, publish, share and take test, exercises and assignments.

2- Moonberri

Mooberri is a cool website that allows users to share file with close family and friends via URL links. The process is easy and simple to use. Just upload your file and a generated URL will be provided for you to use to share it.

3- Real Time Board

This web tool allows users to create simple sketches and complex infographics using text, shapes, and mark-up tools.

4- Sendhub

This is a simple, fast, web and mobile communication tool that provides you with a call and messaging solution to reach small and large groups of people.

5- KidRex

This is a search engine designed for kids. It provides kids safe environment that allows both kids and parents to conduct safe online searches.

6- United Class

United Classrooms is a free platform that connects classrooms around the around t. When a teacher signs their class up, students can log in to a secure profile page where they can share content with their own teachers, classmates and parents as well as collaborate with other classrooms across the globe.

7- Planboard

Planboard helps you plan and view your academic year. It is quick and easy to add items for each class. It also provides a synopsis on weekly schedules.

8- Silk Slides

Silk Slides is a great tool that lets users easily share and discuss presentations. Just select a PPT or PDF slideshow you to upload, type
 in the title and description then you are good to go.

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