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20 Must Have iPad Apps for Teachers

More and more iPad apps are created everyday to the point that it  becomes very hard to keep up with the new releases let alone sift through the piles to find the good ones. Most  teachers do not have that spare time to go online and conduct such a rigorous task . This is where list-posts come in handy. They not only provide you with the best options available out there but also save you some precious time you might need for something else.

 Again some are just enthralled by the idea of creating such posts when in fact there is nothing good about the lists they make except their shining title. Through the  experience  we have accumulated here over a couple of years with reviewing educational web tools and apps, we succeeded in creating a network of trusted Edubloggers who have a very good reputation in this field and who really contribute to the advancement of educational technology through their laborious efforts and postings.

Simple K-12 is one of these trusted resources that when they publish a list-post we know they have invested a decent amount of time   selecting its components . In this regard, Simple K-12 has recently  assembled a list of great iPad apps for teachers. They put it in the form of a downloadable eBook which you can download HERE.

Here is in brief the names together withe links of the apps they have picked for you :

1- TED 

2- Educreation

3- Google Search

4- Math Quizer

5- Puppet Pals

6- History Pin

7- Project Noah

8- Science 360

9- Toonastic

10- Virtuoso

11- Free Books

12- Flashcards

13- Era of Dino Lite


14- Kindle

15- Wunderlist

16- Dragon Dictation

17- How Stuff Works

18- Quick Graph


19- Today in History

20- Lino

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