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Great Wiki Apps for your iPad

Wikis are everywhere online but not on mobile devices. There is a huge shortage for such apps for mobile users which is really a pity because wikis offer some great collaborative features that you can hardly find in other tools. I know that note-taking apps like Evernote and SimpleNoteApp are predominant and most mobile users use them as alternatives to wikis but as we searched  deeper we found those wiki apps below.

The wiki apps below can be used for a variety of purposes including : documentation, collaboration and glossary making. Check them out and share with us more suggestions and apps if you have any.

1- Wiki Server

This mobile Wiki server is a full featured professional grade Wiki, no compromises, It allows you to store, edit, and display content that you, or others can change, either on the device, or from other browsers in a Wi-Fi network. ..."

2-  Wiki Touch

" WikiTouch is an easy to use personal information management application for iPhone and iPad users that helps you to organize and manage your personal and business information by creating content-rich notes...."

3- Trunk Notes

Trunk Notes is a powerful note taking app and personal wiki. Create notes, format notes, and link notes together. Trunk Notes is the app for notes on the move...."

4-  Wikipad

WikiPad is a hyperlinked notepad for your iPad. Carry a wiki in your pocket...."

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