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How to Use Games with your Students

Gaming is an important aspect of students learning. Besides the fact that games induce engagement and collaboration , they also foster a friendly and healthy learning atmosphere within the classroom. It is definitely not an easy thing to just go online and look for games to use with your students. There are several academic considerations you need to take into account  while deciding upon the ones to include in your lesson plans. Now that online gaming has become part of the equation it becomes even more complicated to make a choice.

To help you make sound academic decisions on the kind of games to use with your students I would recommend that you read the guide  We have posted awhile ago. You can download it and keep it with your for later reference.

Teachers' Quick Guide on The Use of Games in Education from Mohamed Kharbach

I am also sharing with you a great poster from Busyteacher. These are basically seven games that you can try with your students to get them engaged in constructive conversations. I would say they would work best for language teachers but any other teacher  can use them as well  .

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