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Blooms Taxonomy Exposed

Blooms Taxonomy has been making rounds online for quite awhile now. The good thing about this taxonomy is that it was created in the second half of last century but is still having a strong scientific rigour inside the educational circles to this day. The underlying secret behind its overwhelming success is its power of adaptability. Teachers can creatively adapt it to any teaching and learning situations.

 Even now that technology has transformed education and created new avenues of learning Blooms Taxonomy did not fade away , instead, it developed and has a new version called the 21st century version of Blooms Taxonomy. This new version is mainly digitally focused. You can find now Blooms Taxonomy for iPad, for Android, and for web2.0.

Today's post, however, is not about defining these taxonomies ( you can check the links above to read more about them ) but rather about the application of this taxonomy in real life. Watch the following funny clip   to learn more about how HOTS ( Higher Order Thinking Skills ) have been used in a seemingly day-today- talk. The video is just 13 minutes but is really worth watching. Enjoy

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