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A Quick Guide to Twitter Educational Hashtags

I got several emails after I posted about the Teacher's Roadmap to Twitter Use in Education. I know it is hard for me to answer all of your emails in time so please bear with me . But for those who asked me about a post about educational hashtags I would recommend them to check the article entitled " The Best 15 Twitter Hashtags for Educators " which I have published a couple of months ago.

I have also another  list of hashtags that were assembled in the form of infographic from Online Colleges. Please check them below and let me  know what you think about them . If you wonder what hashtags are for for or how you can use them then let me just brief you with the following bullets :

  • Categorize tweets that contain relevant keywords or phrases
  • Hashtags help tweets get popular and be displayed in search result pages
  • They can occur anywhere be it the end , middle or beginning of the Tweet
  • Hashtags make it easy to aggregate like-minded Twitter users under a certain category

Check out this infographic to learn more about educational hashtags.

Source : Edudemic

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