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A Great Table of Elements

Ptable is a website that features a great interactive Table of Elements. This tables does not only provide links to pages of data about elements but it also outsources these write-ups to others like Wikipedia and WebElements through the dropdown in the first tab. Besides write-ups you will have access to photos, videos, and even podcasts related to each element.

To start using this interactive table of elements , you just need to hover your cursor over a certain element and you will instant read some information pertaining to that element but when you click on it , a window will pop up where you can read a detailed explanation of the element.

I really recommend this interactive table of elements to teachers of science, biology, physics, and chemistry. Maybe you can even print it and hang it on the wall of your classroom. To print it you need to click on PDF and then click on print.

Here is a snapshot of this table of elements but you can check it out here.

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