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7 Useful iPad Apps to Track Hurricanes

Hurricane Sandy is still claiming lives in the eastern coast of the United States with at least 30 people dead and a huge damage to the infrastructure particularly in New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. We do feel and pray for all people caught in this storm and we wholeheartedly wish they will recover soon from it.

Yesterday Educational Technology and Mobile Learning featured a post about some useful resources to teach students about hurricanes and today we are providing you with a batch of some awesome apps that enable you to keep track of hurricanes on the go. Check out the list below and let us know if you have any further suggestions.

1- Hurricane Tracker for iPad

 Complete tracking with Fast PUSH Alerts, Audio & Video Updates, Dozens of maps, Real Time Live Updates & Threat Level Maps - On the fly changes ...."

2- Cyclonica

Cyclonica is an iPhone App designed to give you access to online and offline Cyclone related content as quickly as possible without having to browse through various sites and images......."

3- iMap Storm

iMapStorm will now support live streaming updates as well as archive clips from the National Hurricane Center (NHC)......."

4- Tropical Satellites

ropical Satellites is an application that allows you to access Atlantic and Pacific Ocean ANIMATED infrared satellites so you can keep tabs on tropical activity and storms! ........."

5- Hurricane Radars

This app will be very useful if your power goes out due to a hurricane/tropical storm! As long as you have cell phone service you can continue to track the storm......"

6- Hurricane

Hurricane™, The ULTIMATE Hurricane tracking application for the iPhone and iPod Touch! ."

7- Hurricane HD

Exclusive Video ★ and blog posts daily from our hurricane experts at giving you in depth information on each system, as well as the tropics at large....."

8- Hurricanes

Hurricane Viewer amalgamates and disseminates information about current Tropical Storms in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Gulf and North East Pacific offering multiple ways to view storm progression and impact.

9- My Fox Hurricane

Get immediate access to the latest news on hurricanes for the hurricane season, straight to your iPhone from the experts at the National Hurricane Center and ...."

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