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5 Tips Every Connected Student Must Know about

Students are learning differently than we used to do. They are probably lucky to be born in such a highly focused digital age where information and knowledge belong to everyone with an internet connection. This democratised form of knowledge sharing has created a new type of students called the connected learner.

The connected learner is a concept grounded in the theory of connectivism which presumes that Learning takes place as a part of a social network of many diverse connections and ties. This very network is made possible thanks to the various tools of communication technology. Tools themselves are not as important as the connections made possible by them. Social media empowers students to make new connections and learn from what others share.

As a teacher you might be feeling the pressing need to get your students engaged in such a connected and socially-based digital learning but this can not be achieved without the right and proper tools. You might probably be thinking now about what these tools are and how you can get access to them; well think no more, the list below has everything you will need to help your connected students learn in a digital way.

 Teachers need to make sure  that their students know how to  :

1- Effectively search the web

Searching content on the web is an art that students should master. It can save them so much of their precious time and get them focused on their learning. Check out these tools to learn how you can teach them  to do that .

2- Evaluate content on the web

Students need to know how to sift through content online and recognize the good from the junk. To do this they need to be equipped with the necessary know-how which This Article can provide them with .

3- Learn about digital citizenship

This is another important thing connected students need to learn about. They need to be taught how to protect themselves from online predators and stay safe while browsing the web. Give them this guide to help them learn more about digital citizenship. Youalso check these  online security tips to  share with your students.

4- Learn about social networking

We all know that most of our students have accounts  at least at  one of the popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but do they use them for learning purposes ? Do they know how to leverage these platforms in their learning process ? Well , it is your job as a teacher to teach them how to do that. Check out these guides for help .

Teachers Guide on The Use of Pinterest in Education

You can also access several other guides in This Page

5- Have the proper learning web tools

Now that students know how to search the web, evaluate the content they find and socially share it with each others, they need to move to the production phase. They need some simple and easy tools to be able to create videos, record audio, draw, podcast and many more. For this we have a list of probably all of the tools students and teachers might need : Check out this Article to learn more.

We finally invite you to watch this inspiring video from Windy Drexler to see what connected students can really do.

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