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5 Educational Videos you should not Miss

One of the favourite things I like to do  in my free time is watching my bookmarked videos. During the course of my online ' forays' I would  stumble upon some good and inspiring  videos  but because of the restrictions of time I find myself unable to watch them and that is why I have created a playlist  under the  title of " videos worth watching " where I bookmark those videos and I get back to  them when time permits .

 Most of the videos I watch are from TED and TED Education and I have shared many of them with you over the last couple of months. RSAnimate is also another treasure trove of great educational videos I have been following for sometime now. What I really like about their videos is the animation part of them. I love their creativity in presenting  ideas and concepts  and I am quite sure your students would love them too. I have just watched some of their videos and want to share them with you. I don't know if my preference list suits your tastes or not but I hope it does.

1- The Divided Brain

2- The Power of Networks

3- Changing Education Paradigm

4- Language as A Window into Human Nature

5- Smile or Die

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