Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What you Must Know about The 21st Century Learning

There is such a growing buzz around the notion of the 21st century education/teacher/learner. You definitely have heard something about it , but have you ever paused for a moment to think reflectively about  what it really means  to be a 21st century educator/learner ? Have you ever questioned yourself about whether your teaching strategies are a good fit for this new educational paradigm ?

It does not in fact take anything more than a simple comparison between the modes of learning that prevailed the last century and the ones adopted now to comfortably land on the fact  that there has been a very radical and transformative change going on within our schools and in the way  knowledge and instruction are being delivered. This change is caused by the technology boom our current century has witnessed.

 Technology is revolutionizing every single notion we have known about education: new methodologies have been created, novel learning styles emerged, and teacher/ learner roles have changed.Knowledge has been emancipated and it is no longer the property of a single authoritative party, students now have unlimited access to the world's information and right from  the comforts of their palms.

Teachers are no longer teaching passive consumers of knowledge but rather active critical thinkers who contribute in their own learning.The rules of the game have changed and we, educators, need to adapt our teaching strategies to this new situation.

To cast away some of the cloud you might have about the notion of the 21st century education/learning, I have compiled a list of some awesome videos for you to watch. The first video has been recommended by one of the tech professors I met today in the university.

1- Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

 2- Re-thinking Learning : The 21st century Learner

 3- How will you teach me in the 21st century ?

 4- Teaching in the 21st century

5- Teaching for the 21st century


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