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12 Crucial Questions to Ask before Using iPad with your Students

iPad is making huge inroads into education and it is believed to have revolutionized the whole concept  of mobile learning. More and more schools are, if not already adopting  1:1 environments or BYOD projects , then they are at least debating a future inclusion of this mobile device in the classroom. But as a teacher and practitioner who is going to be using iPad with his/her  students, you need to think about the instructional use of this tool. There are several questions you need to foment in your mind and hopefully find answers to before using iPad in your teaching. You basically need to ask yourself the following questions :

1- What are the objectives behind my implementing iPad in my teaching  is it to get students engaged and keep them on task and focused or is it going to be just a sort of media consumption ?

2- Is iPad going to help my students in their skill building efforts ? Will it be an addition of some value to their learning ? What skills will it improve and how ?

3- Are my students already familiar with the use of iPad ? How many of them have got an iPad ? for those who do not have one, what are the alternatives ?

4- Did you get parental permission to use iPad with kids ? If so , are their parents aware of how you are going to be using iPad ? Will you share this digital learning process of your learners with their parents ?

5- Have you identified the potential problems you might run into while using iPad in the classroom ? Do you have alternative plans when things do not go as planned ?

6- How familiar and dexterous are you with iPad ? Do you have the rudimentary knowledge of how to search, find , install and use apps ?

7- Have you thought about the learning apps you are going to use with your students ? Have you already installed them on your iPad and tried them first before sharing them ? Are these apps educational, student friendly and free ?

8- will  the seating plan of your classroom help you in making fluid moves to monitor and see every student`s screen 

9- How tolerant will you be with those who access unrequired apps ( social networking apps ; Facebook, Twitter..ect ) 

10- Are the students aware of the purposes of using iPad in their learning ? Are they provided with clear and strict rules as to how to handle iPad in the classroom ?

11- Have you taught your students about digital citizenship and how they can stay safe online and protect their privacy ? If not , are you planning to teach them digital citizenship before using any digital tool with them ?

12- How ready are you to deal with  unexpected incidents and unforeseen challenges.

We would  obviously not close this post before helping you come up with some answers to the above questions. We have gone through our archive and prepared the following list of reads for you. We recommend that you read at least some of them or even bookmark them for later reference. Enjoy.

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