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11 Resources to Teach about Hurricanes

Those who are in the States and the Maritime of Canada ( like us ) are having a pit in their stomach thinking about what Sandy hurricane might do in the next coming hours . I can feel the house shaking with the high wind which will go to 120 miles an hour . We are all praying that everything will pass with the minimum damage possible and hopefully no human loss at all.

With hurricane Sandy comes the talk about hurricanes and there is no better opportunity to teach your students about hurricanes than now.Kids are hearing alot  about hurricanes these days, on TV, on radio and almost everywhere. Now that they are already familiar with the concept , you can just devote an hour or so to this topic and provide them with the links below and they will be able to learn more about the nature of these hurricanes, how they are formed , what damage they cause, names of popular hurricanes , to mention but a few.

I have been looking online checking several websites and blogs about some useful resources that you can use with your kids and students to teach them about hurricane and I came across several great websites but what I liked the most is Julie Greller list.

Check out these hurricane resources I have picked out for you below.

1- BrainPop provides a great video on hurricanes, ideal to share with students.

2- has this great page where you can teache your students how to deal with hurricanes and how to stay safe.

3- Horrific Hurricanes offers an extensive explanation of everything about hurricanes

4- How Stuff Works features a great video on how hurricanes work

5- Hurricane Facts and Figures has all the information you need to know about the past and present hurricanes.

6- Educational World  offers a great set of lesson plans and classroom activities on Hurricanes.

7- Skydiary is where your students can learn how hurricanes are formed and how they function

8- had this awesome web tool to track hurricanes

9- This page has some student activities on hurricanes

10- Teachnology offers this excellent guide for teachers to learn more about hurricanes and tornadoes

11- Watch Know Learn features some awesome videos on hurricanes.

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