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You are not Just A Teacher

Some think that teaching is an easy job that does not require as many efforts as some other jobs. Well this holds true when compared with some blue collar jobs that necessitate a lot of strenuous physical efforts such as working as a flag man.

But when we flip the coin we find mental efforts are way more  exhausting to the whole body than physical ones and this is something that teachers know by heart. After a whole day of talking, explaining, guiding, tutoring, illustrating, and solving students problems, teachers are left dead bodies when they get home only to start again preparing for tomorrow lessons. Not only that, there is more to it than only pedagogical considerations for teachers can do several jobs and all while being teachers. Look at the graphic below that was created by Busy Teacher and you will find out what teachers have to do beside teaching and if you are one of those who think teaching is an easy job than you better think again.

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