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What Parents Must Know about Facebook

Today I came across this great Facebook guide that I want to share with you. What is important about this new guide is that it is designed and intended for parents and hence the title " A Parent Guide to Facebook ". You like it or not, our kids spend more time on Facebook then they do interacting with us. Facebook has become the medium number one for socializing and only a small section of its users use it for educational purposes.

As teachers and educators we have a huge responsibility to teach and inform our students about what is a good and bad digital practice. Yes digital literacy is one of the main objectives of today's education and premium should be given to those digital platforms that our students frequent regularly . In this regard , Twitter and Facebook come on the  top of  the list .For guidelines on how to use Twitter  in education you can check this link to learn more , we have also posted a guide on the educational use of Facebook which you can find here , but today we are providing you with another guide that is equally important and that is intended to help parents deal with their kids Facebook issues more intelligently.

This guide has been prepared and created by Larry Magid and Anne Collier and you can download it HERE.

Here its table of content :

  • What is Facebook?  2
  • What do people do on Facebook?  2
  • Why do young people use Facebook?  3
  • Is Facebook safe?  3
  • What are the risks involved in social networking?  4
  • Social reporting  5
  • Why children should be honest about their age  5
  • How do we parent Facebook users?  6
  • Ways to monitor your child’s Facebook activities  7
  • Scams, spam, phishing and social engineering  7
  • Managing reputation in the digital age  9
  • Digital footprints & good reputations  10
  • Your children's timelines are a reflection on them  10
  • How Facebook is organized  11
  • Timeline  12
  • Friends  17
  • News Feed  17
  • Subscribe  18
  • Photos and tagging  18
  • Apps  21
  • Lists  23
  • Groups  23
  • Messages  24
  • Managing your privacy on Facebook  25
  • Special safeguards for teens  26
  • Facebook’s new, simplified 'inline' privacy settings 27
  • Customizing who you share with  28
  • Limiting who can find you in search  28
  • Default privacy from apps that don’t have inline controls 29
  • Download your whole Facebook history  29
  • Facebook for mobile  30
  • Checking in to a location  30
  • Being checked in or tagged  31
  • Reporting problems  32
  • Reporting a person  33
  • Reporting specific posts  34
  • Preventing suicide and other self-harm  34

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