Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great Twitter Tools for your Professional Development

There is no blinking the fact that Twitter is a great social networking tool with a huge and promising potential in education. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is trying to tap into this potential with a series of posts covering and reviewing web tools together with providing tips on how to effectively leverage this medium in the teaching and learning process. There is a section here labelled Educational Twitter Tools, in case you are a new reader to this blog, where you can have free access to a plethora of posts all talking about Twitter and its possible applicability in education.

Today we have compiled a list of some awesome Twitter tools that can help you in your PD  ( Professional Development ). Most of these tools have not been covered before in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Try them out and let's see what you think of them.

Here is the list :

1- Twit TV

This is a cool web tool that automatically plays trending videos shared on Twitter. It also provides some practical tools such as being able to search for videos based on region and topic or even skip the ones you don't like.

2 - Tweet Topic

Tweet Topic uses a sophisticated system to display what others have been tweeting about with colorful bubbles showing the main tweet topics and Twitter stream on the right.

3 - Twitter Scan

Twitter Scan as its name indicate is a tool that lets you scan what others are sharing on Twitter. Just type in the title of your search and provide the username and you will be able to see tweets on that topic shared by that username.

4- Snapbird

Snapbird allows you to conduct advanced Twitter searches and lets you find out particular user streams or even search for tweets with your mentions.

5 - You Twit

You Twit allows users to find trending  YouTube videos on Twitter. These videos are sorted according to their popularity which is measured by the number of tweets they get.

6 -

This is a tool similar to You Twit. It lets you watch trending videos on Facebook and Twitter. It also has a ranking system by which it automatically rates videos by number of times shared. You can also filter videos by categories and many more.

7 - Tweet in Sight

This allows you to : spot the main topics your Twitter contacts are talking about, find about most tweeted #hashtags, and take a look at the URLs your Twitter contacts have shared.

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