Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Easiest and Quickest Ways Teachers Share Files online for Free

The idea of compiling a list of some free and easy tools for teachers to share files dawned on us while we were working on " Great Web Tools to Share Large Files". As busy teachers, we often times find ourselves pressed by time even to go on Dropbox and share a file for  it does take sometime.

Well if you think file sharing takes much of your time then check out the list of the web tools included below and I am pretty sure you will change your mind .These tools are very easy to use and allows users to instantly share files without any need for sign-up or any software installation. Just ulpoad your file and you will get a generated link to share with others. Yes it is that simple.

1- Pastelink

Pastelink is a great tool that lets you very easily and quickly share files with no need for any registration of software download, jut drag and drop your file and you are good to go.

2- Droplr

With Droplr you can drag any file from your computer including documents, images and videos and drop them in the box provided there and a link will be generated for you to use when sharing the file with others.

3- Get.TT

This is another awesome tool to easily and instantly share files. You can just upload and share files or sign up and get up to 2GB storage for free.

4- Dropcanvas

Dropcanvas provides one of the easiest ways to share content . The process is very easy and similar to the ones mentioned above: drag and drop..

5- Share Send

Sharesend has a two steps process for sharing your file, first upload it then a link is generated for you to share with others or on social media.

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