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Excellent Tips on The Use of Powerpoints and Excel

This post is part of the digital literacy kit you as a teacher should keep handy for rainy days.The focus today is on Powerpoint and Excel. We choose Powerpoint because it is one of the basic presentation tools most of the teachers use or would use when other alternatives do not work and also because we can use it with no need for any internet connection. Probably all of you are familiar with PowerPoint but only some know about its hidden secrets. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already started divulging some of them and we will continue to do so for the next coming weeks.

As for Excel, this is probably a bit complicated software especially for beginners and some teachers even shun away from it , when in fact it can be very easily learned with the help of some video tutorials that are everywhere online. Excel is a great tool that probably every teacher will need in a certain point of the year. It is ideal for storing, and categorizing data, names, quiz scores, and many more. In this regard, we have brought you some video tutorials on how to use some of its functionalities. Check them below.

So after posting about how users can embed videos in PowerPoints today we brought you other equally important tutorials on how to make a photo album ( ideal for class trips, school events,..ect ) and how to use hyperlinks to make a kiosk style non-linear presentations.

PowerPoint Tutorials :

1- How to use hyperlink slides

2- How to make a photo album in PowerPoint

 Excel Tutorials :

1- How to export data from an Excel sheet to a Word document

2- How to format Cell text

3- How to format numbers in Excel

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