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Great Websites to Explore History

The websites below are not  intended only for history teachers but for anyone interested in taking a journey back into history.Some of them provide document search that allows you to search into the most important historical documents from well known and trusted archives. You will also find  timelines documenting the major historical events or if you like maps then you can track back the history on maps.

All these resources are free to use and do not require any download or software installation.Just browse through the selection below and click on any title to access the webpage. Make sure you share them with your students and colleagues as well.

1- Look Back Maps

This is a website that allows users to view historical pictures of various locations on Google Maps, search for specific locations and even add images.

2- Timelines

Timelines as its name indicates offers users the opportunity to discover history through timelines of connected events and happenings using notes, videos, quotes and many more

3- Time Index

This is a recording of the major historical events arranged into timelines. You can use key words to search for specific events or browse its categories for more results.

4- This Day in History

As its name suggests, this is a section where you will find important historical events that happened on this day. 

5- World Digital Library

This website lets you browse and discover important historical documents and metarials from all around the globe as well as view ancient maps, manuscripts , pictures and many more.

6- History Commons

The History Commons contains summaries of 20,126 events, which are published on the website in the format of dynamic timelines.

7- Timeline TV

This is a free to use video rich history resource. Just browse through the timelines already provided there and let your journey into the past starts.

8- Time Search

This is like a seasrch engine that lets you look for historical timelines. You can choose a specific period of time to search or if you want to be focused then use the Areas and Themes menus.

9- Docs Teach

This website provides thousands of historical documents from the National Archive. You can either read the documents online or print them and save them with you.

10- Film Story

I have already reviewed this website before. It basically lets users view information about films centered on significant historical events. You can browse films by country of production.

11- What Happened in my Birthday

This is a a cool tool to discover all the major historical events that happened the day you came to this planet. Just enter your birth year and you will be shown a list of events in such a fun way . I love it.

12- This Day

This Day is similar to This Day in History above. They both provide you with a chain of the major historical events that happened in this day.

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