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How to Do Better Google Searches

Back again to Google search tips. We have already written several posts on this topic for the last couple of years but there is always more and more to write about. This is probably one of the fundamental characteristics of Google services; they never age but rather evolve and grow in the diversity of their functionalities as years go by.

No two would ever argue over the importance of Google as a search engine. The first thing that comes into our minds when thinking about conducting an online search is Google. Most if not all of our students use it, but do we all know how to use it correctly to hone in our search quests and get the maximum from it ? Well this is a question we have been trying to answer with the following posts :

What teachers Need to Know about Effective Google Search
More Google Search Tips for Teachers

As you have seen from the above posts, there is a myriad set of tips on how to get the utmost from Google search engine and to add to this collection, we have stumbled upon a great and ( funny ) video on how to do better Google searches. I really loved it and watched three times. I am pretty sure you will like it as well.

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