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Great Resources for Educational Video Lectures and Talks for Teachers

Yesterday I posted here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning a detailed guide for teachers informing on the different video resources and tools available for them online and  for free. As I said before, videos are important teaching materials that students love and they can help in getting their engagement and arousing their motivation.

As an addition to yesterday's post , I am providing you with some extra awesome video resources where teachers can have free access to educational videos and lectures from renowned educators and thinkers from all around the globe. Check out the list below and let us know what you think.

1- Keen Talks

Keen Talks provides you with a compilation of great talks, debates, and interviews that you can easily browse by subject area or by speaker.

2- Talk Timer

It has a wide variety of educational videos and lectures covering different topics. You can share talks you like via email, Facebook or Twitter.

3- Academic Earth

This is a free platform where you can access and watch videos and lectures from the best and well renowned universities such as Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton..

4- Learners TV

Learners TV offers video lectures to college students. These lectures cover a wide range of subjects.

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