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Awesome Tutorials on how Teachers can Use Google Forms

Google Forms is a great free service for us in education. It is part of the free tools Google Docs offers to its users. Google Forms has a huge potentail for classroom teaching and teachers can do a myriad of tasks with it. As an example, instead of going looking for quiz forms others have created and that might not suit your teaching purposes why not learn how to create your own forms. Testing forms is just an example and of course there are many other things you can do with forms  .

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been trying diligently to help in bridging the gap between the real teaching practice and the educational free technology available online. In this regard we have published a set of guides all having to do with  teaching using technology and we have also devoted a whole section here to Google Docs which you can check for more references.

Today we are bringing you more resources and tutorials on how teachers can use Google Forms. We have consulted several websites and compiled the best of what is available online on Google Forms .

Here is what we have come up with.

 1- Using Forms in Google Docs


 2- Google Forms for Student self-assessment 

3- Creating Tests Using Flubaroo and Google Forms


More Resources :

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2- Google Apps
3- Edtech
4- Google Forms in Classroom
5- Google Docs to create self-grading quiz
6- Flubaroo Overview

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