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Easy Way to Create Free eBooks from Wikipedia Articles

Great news for Wikipedia fans. There is now a way for you to easily and instantly create a free ebook right from the articles you like there. The Wikipedia website has recently included some useful tools so that you can turn your pages into an awesome ebook in the EPUB format ( which is a format I love so much ).

Being able to create ebook on Wikipedia is a great alternative to having to export articles in the PDF formats which was also available in Wikipedia for sometime now but probably they recognized the unpracticality of this technique and so came up with this new tool.

How to Create eBooks within Wikipedia ?

  • Open a Wikipedia page and select Book Creator from the menu in the right hand side, or just click here and you will be directed to a page with Book Creator enabled.
  • Now search for the articles you are interested in and then click on " Add this page to your book " which you will find on the top of the article. If the article includes links to other posts that you want to add to your ebook then just hover your mouse over the link and  add it
  • Now click on ' Show Book " and give your ebook a title and subtitle and then click on download .

As you have seen the process is very easy and does not require any digital wizardry. All thanks go back to Digital Inspiration for the tip.

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