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Course Builder: A New Service from Goolge

Again Google made the news in the world of education with its recent project called Course Builder.As you might have probably noticed, just a couple of days ago, YouTube ( which is a service owned by Google ) announced the Next Edu program for innovative educators and now Google  lanuched the Course Builder needless to mention all the other projects included in Google in Education. It is apparent that Google is trying hard to gain more ground in the educational market in an attempt  to outexcel its immediate competitor the giant Apple. This is very healthy for us in education and the more the competition between the mega-tech-giants heats up the better services we will have from them.

Course Builder allows anyone to make their own online courses and create personalized learning materials including scheduled activities and lessons . Here is a brief overview of what Course Builder has to offer to educators :

  • Opportunities for live teaching and online tutoring
  • Organize hang-outs on air
  • Run your own online courses

Let me quote you what Norvig said about it :

We feel that by sharing the code that we’ve generated, we can impact more people in the education space. There is a lot of experimentation going on in the industry at this point, and we felt that contributing an open source project would be a beneficial starting point that could help everyone.

Watch this video to learn more.

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