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A Smart Way for Teachers to Add Captions to YouTube Videos

Capture Tube is a free service for creating captions for YouTube videos. You can now provide transcripts of videos you share with others and in different languages. Teachers can use this tool to transcribe videos they share with their students or in case of language teachers , it can be given as an assignment for students to work on. They can ,for instance , be given a certain video and be told to use Capture Tube to caption it.

Capture Tube can also be used to illustrate tutorials and promote understanding of video content. The process ,as you will see in the videos down,  is very easy and does not require any advanced tech wizardry. Just sign in using your Google Account, grant access to the application then you will be prompted to choose either from the videos you have personally downloaded or from public videos on  YouTube and the rest of the process will be explained in details in the video below. Enjoy

 1- How to Create Captions

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