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A Step by Step Guide on how to Find Licensed Images for Use in The Classroom

Google Image is a great search engine  where you can browse for and find all kinds of imagery you are looking for. But there are limitations on the use of such images. Some are open to public and are included under a Creative Commons license , these are the ones we use with our students and in our online projects; others  have a restricted use and most of the time only under permission.

So , as educators and teachers, you would be asking yourself how to ethically use images without having to worry about the copyright issues.Well the answer is very simple you will have to use images licensed under GFLD or  Creative Commons especially this latter as it has images that can be used in teaching materials, blogs, wikis, ..ect. How to find such kind of images is what the guide below is all about. It walks you through the different steps on how to locate images licensed under Creative Commons . It contains illustravie snapshots and is ideal for use with your students. The guide is just two pages long but has everything you will need to teach your students about how to get free images in Google Image.

Click Here to download the guide and don't forget to pay credit to Kbkonnected

Here is a screenshot of it.

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