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6 Great Educational Web Tools for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  is back to you with another list of some great websites. Most of these websites are new and the reason why they are here is because they have something of educational in them ,  or to put it simple,  you can use them for educational purposes.

I am pretty sure most of you are familiar with this kind of post as we have started this section a while ago now and we intended it to be a pick of the week in the best of educational web2.0 tools that teachers and educators can use in their classrooms or for their professional development. If you are new to this blog then welcome among this community of awesome educators and you can have a look at the previous editions HERE.

Here is the list of this week :

1- lets you take a backup of your tweets in the form of a diary like PDF ebook. Just sign in with your Twitter account and start working on it. It is very easy and simple to use.

2- Storyboard That

This web tool presents a great opportunity for students to work together, discuss what they want their story to say, how to structure it, and of course what imagery to use.

3- Chegg

This is a website that provides homework help for college and high school students. It is also a place where you can search for , buy or rent textbooks.

4- Picture Book Maker

This is a cool tool that lets students create short stories composed of six lines. It also offers several other helpful features such as background scenes, authoring tools, and is print friendly.

5- Stop Frame Animator

This is also another service from Culture Street just like Picture Book Maker. This one ,however, allows students to easily create animated stop motion videos.

6- Screenleap

This is a neat web tool that allows you to instantly share your screen to any device with a browser. It does not require any sign up or download.

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