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5 Great infographic Creation Tools for Teachers

Creating infographics is a skill much needed in the 21st century classroom. They can serve a wide variety of learning objectives and they are not really hard to make. They are very useful in the sense that they can be used for illustrative purposes. For instance, teachers  can use graphs, diagrams , and colorful templates to present information in such a way that catches students attention.

There are several web platforms where you can easily create your own infographics and Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has already reviewed  a list of such tools and today we are going to provide you with our best 3 infographic creation tools. Check them out below .


This is a great tool that allows users to create visually rich infographics from pre-designed themes. It is very easy to use , only drag and drop. It actually supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

2- Creately

This is also a great tool in creating diagrams and flow charts. It provides pre-designed templates and diagram types. Just fill in your data and share with others.

3- Gliffy

This is another awesome infographic creation tool that is very easy to use. Just drag-and-drop shapes from an extensive library and point-and-click your way to format. No expertise needed.


This is tool provides users with a wide range of great looking templates and themes for your infographics, just the pick the one you like and let infogram do the rest.

5- Visually

This is one of the most popular tools to create infographics and many infographics I have been sharing with you here were designed using Visually. It has a gallery where you can select an infographic to customize.

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