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20 Must Have Posters for Language Teachers

Posters are great learning tools that we use in our classrooms. They attract students attention and they can seamlessly communicate various concepts and ideas . These ideas can range  classroom rules to key grammatical structures. Busy Teacher is one of the great resources  for educational posters, we have learned a lot from his posters and they have hundreds of posters that it took us so much time to sift through them. I highly recommend Busy Teacher  to those of you looking for  posters to use in the classroom.

Anyway going through their posters, we came up with a list of posters for language teachers. Check them below and click on any title to download the poster.

1-  Simple Past Classroom Poster

2- Gerunds or Infinitives

3- What Time Is It Poster

4- Body Language Picture Dictionary Poster

5- Action Verbs Picture Dictionary Poster

6- Parts of The Body Classroom Poster

7- Classroom Language Teacher Poster

8- Classroom Language

9- Punctuation Picture Dictionary

10- The Seasons Classroom Poster

11- Days of The Week Classroom Poster

12- Clothes Classroom Poster

13- Past Simple Regular Verbs

14- Prepositions of Place Poster

15- Learning Colours Poster

16- Telling The Time Poster

17- Present Tenses Poster

18- Feelings Classroom Poster

19- Daily Routines Poster

20- Ten Funniest English Idioms

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