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12 Great Educational Videos you Should Not Miss

I have recently featured here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning several posts all talking about the importance of videos in education and have also compiled a list of some of the best free web tools for teachers to create videos and tutorials.Today, however, and as I was watching one of  the TED Education   videos I have bookmarked some days ago , it dawned on me to check their list of 53 videos they have there and pick some of the best. I based my selection on the popularity variable of videos and also on page views.

What is amazing about these videos from TED Education besides the fact that they are purely educational and meant to teach hard to grasp concepts is that there is a high professional touch to them. You would spend hours watching them and still never get fed up, I really wonder about how much creativity these people have.

Here is a list of the titles I picked up for you. Make sure you share them with your colleagues and your students as well.

1-Questions No one Knows The Answer to

2-Why Can't Wee See Evidence of Alien Life

3- The Power of Simple Words

4- Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders

5- How Simple Ideas Lead to Scientific Discoveries

6- How Folding A Paper Can Get you to The Moon

7- Sex Determination, More Complicated Than you Thought

8- How Do Pain Relievers Work 

9- How Big is Infinity

10- What Happens when You Guess 

11- How Taking A Bath Leads to Archemides Principle

12- Why The Shape of your Screen Matters

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