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10 Golden Rules for Parents in A Digital Age

There is a growing dependence on the use of digital media from our students and kids. Sometimes it is just unbelievable especially when we, the digital immigrants, compare our childhood and teenagehood to our students, the digital natives. Back then, socializing with neighbouring kids was the major pass time for us but today's kids they socialize more with digital gadgets and spend less time not only with their buddies but  even with their own families. This is definitely unhealthy for their social, emotional and psychological welfare.

It is our responsibility as teachers, educators, and parents to watch how much technology is around our kids and control how much time they spend on it. Yes digital media is great for their learning but only when it is given in the right doses. And as we always say here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, digital media is analogous to a sharp knife, we can either use it to cut meat, vegetables.....ect and do something good with it or use it to harm ourselves or others.

 There is a set of rules that parents need to adhere to and keep in their minds when dealing with their " overly-digitized" kids. Here are some of them as mentioned in Common Sense Media video below :

1- Model good behaviour
2- Pay Attention
3- Share your values
4- Establish limits
5- Encourage Blance
6- Make Kids accountable
7- Explain what at stake
8- Find ways to say yes
9- It is not rocket science
10- Lighten up and enjoy

Please watch the video beow it is just 4 minutes long but has detailed illustration on the above rules. Enjoy

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