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Top 14 Educational Technology Tweeters to Follow

I don't think that there is a week that passes by without us posting a new article about Twitter here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Given the importance of this social network in education, we have  dedicated a whole section in this blog to cover only educational Twitter tools that teachers can use to  promote their teaching and learning and also to grow professionally.

In today's post, I am introducing you to some of the top educational technology accounts you can follow on Twitter.If you are a busy teacher who does not have time to sift through Twitter to look for guys whose tweets  can trust and therefore follow then you can check the ones mentioned below. These educators  are among the most prominent in the field of educational technology and their tweets will definitely save you time and energy especially when looking for updated and fresh news, resources and tips on technology integration in education.

1-  @Jerry Blumengarten

Jerry is an educator and writer who tries to catalogue the internet for students, educators and parents.

2- @ isteconnects

Top tweeters

ISTE advances excellence in learning and teaching. It provides great tweets about technology and its use in education.

3- @ Edudemic

Top tweeters

Edudemic is also another great tweeter to follow. He has built a dedicated community of educators and technologists looking to enhance learning.

4- @edutopia

Top tweeters

This is a great source of inspiration and information for what works in education.

5- @ Kyle Pace

Top tweeters

This is a District instructional technology specialist and Google certified teacher and a presenter.

6- @ Shelly S Terrell

Terrel is an educational thought provoker and author of The 30 Goals Challenge. She is also the founder, host for AM TESOL Free Fri Webinars.

7- @ Eric Sheninger

Top tweeters

Eric is the principal of New Milford HS ( NJ ) and is the winner of National Digital Principal Award Winner ( 2012 ), Google certified teacher and Adobe education leader.

8- @ MindShiftKQED

Top tweeters

MindShift explores the future of learning, covering cultural and tech trends and innovations in education.

9- @ Steve Wheeler

This is a Web2.0 researcher, author of The Digital Classroom, Associate professor of learning technology, international speaker and disruptive activist.

10- @ Tom Whitby

Top tweeters

This is a prof of education, founder of #edchat. The Edu PLN Ning, Linkedin group Technology-using Professors et al.

11- @ Stevekatz

Top tweeters

Stevekatz is a tech integration specialist, teacher, author and international conference presenter.

12- @We Are Teachers

Top tweeters

This is an online community of teachers of all types. Teachers social network, Web 2.0, education, knowledge marketplace....

13- @ Lucy Gray

Lucy is an Apple distinguished educator, an education technology and social media consultant and co-chair of the Global Education Conference.

14- @ Will Richardson

Top tweeters

This is an author, speaker, instigator, blogger about social web tools and their effects on schools, education and learning.

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