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The 6 Characteristics of A Successful Educator

 Jessica Hagy, a contributor in Forbes, has made an excellent account of the 6 main characteristics of people you should be around. While checking her article I instantly remembered the  article I wrote a year ago called the   21st century teacher skills. There is a huge similarity between the two but what really attracted me in Hagy's post and which pushes me to share it with you here is the awesome illustration she employed. She used some catchy sketches that are alone enough to give you the gist of it all.

Going through her list I found out that those are the same characteristics educators and teachers need to look for and hence we entitled this post The 6 Characteristics of a Successful Educator. Hagy 's list is too general but I worked on it and added my own materials to make it teacher-focused. Check it out below.

Read and share with your colleagues.

1- The Instigator

This is someone who motivate you, fills you with  inspiration, boost your moral, inspires you, pushes you to act, and always show you the filled part of the cup. This is how a teacher should be towards his students.

2-The Cheerleader

This is normally your supporters and fans . If we succeed in turning our students into our supporters then we would have overcome the dire challenge  of getting students engaged. It is our job as teachers to try our best to  provide our students with  a safe learning environment  where they would thrive educationally and  where enthusiasm and motivation are the main motor drives behind their learning.

3- The Taskmaster

This is the kind of teacher whose vocabulary does not have a word called procrastination. A teacher who seriously tends to his students need and who makes sure deadlines are met and objectives are attained.

4- The Connector

A teacher should incarnate the voice of cooperation and a sense of community. The one who helps his / her students find new learning avenues and  allies. The one who breaks through roadblocks to bridge the learning gaps between all kinds of learners in his class .

5- The Doubter

This is the teacher who asks hard questions and anticipate problems before they happen. A teacher who reasons first and only acts secondly, someone who does not react but act.

6- The Example

This is the kind of teacher whose students take as a role model, their hero and mentor. He is their guiding entity, someone whose presence acts as a constant reminder that , they, too can do amazing things.

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