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A Must Have Checklist for Teaching with Technology

So you decided to give technology much more room in your teaching this year. Well, we are glad you decided to do so and we are even happier to offer you help ( for free ) to better integrate it into your classroom instruction. In fact no two wise educators would ever argue over the importance of technology in education, but the how, when and why(s) of such use is where views differ and discussions heat up.


Technology does not offer ready made recipes for teachers to use with their students. Sometimes a tool that works for  a certain teacher turns into a complete fiasco with another, even the same teacher can notice marked  differences in learning outcomes  of two  classes using the same technology.Hence, the importance of the  effective beforehand planning for teachers. They need to scrutinize the learning environment, evaluate the possbile learning outcomes, and set clear goals for using technology.

Below is a great flow chart created by Sue Leon Jones ( I found it through Shelly Terrell ) that will be of great help to you when using technology in your classroom. Try to get it downloaded or print it off and keep it on your desk as a constant reminder of what you need to consider when using technology with your students.

Click on the image to access the original checklist

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