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A List of Some of The Best Free Web Resources on Music Education

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started a series of posts covering a plethora of free web resources relevant to the teaching of different subject matters and disciplines. As we said before, the purpose of this series is to equip teachers with the necessary online resources they need to compliment the materials they use in their classroom teaching.

We have already posted about free resources pertaining to the following subject areas : Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Today we are providing you with free web resources relevant for Music teachers. Check out the list below and share with us your suggestions.

Here is a list of some of the best free websites on  Music Education:

1- Music Theory

free music websites

Music Theory is an awesome website that provides music lessons, excersies, and tools. Just head over to its homepage and select the section you want.

2- Blank Sheet Music

free music websites

Blank Sheet Music is teachers platform where they can print any kind of blank sheet music totally for free.

3- Drum Lessons

free music websites

Drum Lessons are key if you want to learn everything about drums.It provides tons of free drum lessons, from beginner drum lessons to advanced instruction as well as a lot of information about drums, drumming and percussion.

4- Lesson Plan Page

free music websites

This section of Lesson Plan Page offers a wide variety of lesson plans on music plus several other resources.

5- National Association for Music Education

free music websites

This is a platofrm where music teachers and educators get to share resources and teaching ideas.

6- NEA Jazz in Schools

free music websites

NEA Jazz in the Schools is a web-based curriculum and DVD tooklit that explores jazz as an indigenous American art from ad as a means to understand American history.

7- Teachnology

free music websites

This is section of Teachnology  that offers lesson plans on music education organized by category.


free music websites is another website that provides different lesson plans for music teachers. It features more than 130 lesson plans.

9- Someday Music

This is a great platform that provides resources for Band Teachers such as the ones that cover associations for band teachers, lessons on using different instrument, and articles on band directors

10- Copyright Infringement or Not ? The Debate over Downloading Music

free music websites

This is a lesson that takes advantage of students interest in music and audio sharing as part of a persuasive debate unit. Students investigate the controversial topic of downloading music from the internet.

11- Classics for Kids

free music websites

This is a website that offers musical games, lesson plans,stories illustrated with music and many more.

12- Teaching Rap Music

This is a great article that covers everything teachers need to know about the evolution of Rap Music in the United States.

13- KiDiddles

free music websites

KiDiddles provides over 2.000 kid's songs. It allows users to listen to children's songs, download them, and even print the lyrics and accompanying activities.

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