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Free Learning and Teaching Resources about Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover has finally landed on Mars four days ago. It was a historic event by all means, for the frst time in mankind 's history, we could get coloured pictures of the Red Planet and even live video footage right from its surface. Scientists now are investigating the possibilities of a human life there and the next few coming years will certainly reveal more secrets about this planet.

Image courtesy of Mars Valles

To help teachers and students learn more about Mars , Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has this list of resources for you to check out :

1- Nasa Explores the Red Planet

mars for educators

This is NASA's official website where you can have access to alot of materials about Mars such as images, articles, videos and many more.

2- Mars for Educators

mars for educators

This is another resource page from NASA designed specifically to   provide teachers and students with  lesson plans, activities, projects, workshops, videos, images about Mars .

3- CNN Gallery

mars for educators

CNN has compiled some great pictures of Mars  ( some of them are very recent ) into a nice slideshow. Check it out.

4- Mashable

mars for educators

Mashable has done the same , it has a page where it featured a gallery of pictures about the exploration of Mars together with captions illustrating each picture included.

5- The Guardian Timeline

mars for educators

The Guardian has provided a great timeline that documents the story of Mars exploration from the first flyby half a century ago and first landing, to the Mars Science Laboratory/Curiosity rover.

6- Home School Learning

mars for educators

Home School Learning has a great article about Rover Curiosity's Landing on Mars with diagrams and pictures.

7- Mars Quest Online

mars for educators

Mars Quest Online provides pictures, guides, projects, learning activities, videos and many other resources all about Mars.

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