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DNA of The 21st Century Educator: A Must See Guide

We have been posting so much here about the 21 st century education and the digital skills needed for both students and teachers  to thrive in it.Teachers are life long learners, or at least that is how they should be. They are on a constant quest for new venues of  knowledge and as I said in one of my earlier posts when teachers stop feeding their brains and content themselves with what their rigorous  curricula and textbooks preach then they get relegated to  hard-working students status. a status which could severely impact their whole teaching performance and productivity.

Thankfully, technology has made it way easier for us to grow professionally. We have access to the world's knowledge at the tip of our fingers. PLNs, blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, social bookmarking, tagging, photo and video sharing, social networking, data mining, mobile learning, crowd sourcing, to mention but some, are part of the digital kit every successful educator should be equipped with. There are many  tips, guides, and  resources to help you make your way through the 21st century education and I could not find anything better to offer you than the slideshow below.

This slideshow is called DNA of a 21st Century Educator and includes all what you need to know to become a successful educator. It has links to great articles ( including The 33 Digital Skills every Teacher should Have), illustrative graphs and diagrams, tips and many more.

Again all thanks go back to Dawson College for letting us know about it.

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