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10 Excellent Alternatives to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is absolutely one of the most popular presentation tool out there .I bet that the first presentation you have ever made was via PowerPoint, well at least that was the case with mine .There are, however, several other presentation tools that we can use as an alternative to PowerPoint and guess what ? they are way easier and simpler especially for use in education. I have handpicked some of such tools for you to check but you can also check this extensive list of some of the best presentation tools for teachers to explore more options.

1- Prezentit

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This is one of my favourite tools  for creating presentations.It does not require any software download  and all you need is a web browser. Przentit also lets you work on your presentation in real time and you can  download your finished work or share it with others.

2- Sliderocket

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Sliderocket is a great presentation tool that lets users easily create, collaborate and share stunning media-rich presentations. It even provides ready made templates for you to use.

3- SlideSix

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SlideSix is another great presenter application. It allows you to record audio and video narration and attach external videos, manage your presentations,and many more.

4- Vuvox

presentation tools

You can use Vuvox to instantly produce dynamic interactive panoramas with hot-spots. You can also upload and edit the  presentations you have created .

5- Keynote

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This one works only on Mac. It is a tool that lets users create captivating presentations using powerful applications and impressive effects.

6- Prezi

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Prezi is an awesome visualization tool. You can use it to visualize your ideas in interactive canvases, and import PowerPoint slides, images, videos , PDFs ect. Check out the video tutorial it has on its homepage to learn more about it.

7- Zoho Show

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Zoho Show is an online presentation tool that helps you create and deliver presentations. It has several applications and features that makes creating presentations way simpler .

8- Dipity

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Dipity is a free digital timeline website that allows users to organize web content by date and time. They can also create, share, enbed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.

9- Empressr

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With Empressr, you can create awesome presentations by adding photos, music, video, and audio. You can also instantly share your work publicly or privately.

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