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What Does It Take You to Be a 21st Century Teacher ?

As a teacher , you might be wondering if you have the qualities of the 21st century teacher. You probably have had periods of frustration when you would blame your teaching methods for your students failure. You might have gone through prolonged moments of self-reflection about your teaching practices but still could not spot where the shoe pinches in your methodology.Well, don't worry these are healthy symptoms of a mature professional development and a step in the right path. You are not alone in this, for  we all go through moments of such deep meditations because in the realm of teaching there is no ready made recipe that teachers can apply to be labelled ' successful teachers'.

21st century education

What worked well with this class might go fiasco with the other. There is no consistency in the effectiveness of the teaching methods because we are teaching human beings with different needs,cultural backgrounds, ethnic belongings, psychological make-ups , and  learning styles. Teaching is the only job in which the employee deals with all types of people a given society can include.Yet, we dearly love our job and we have equipped ourselves with such an adaptability skill that enables us to seamlessly and easily  blend in any educational context.

21st century education

I know you are on your summer holidays now and hopefully enjoying every bit of it but summer does not only mean recreation and laziness but it also means time for a general assessment of our performance of  last school year. It also means a chance for professional development and catching up with the intellectual bandwagon in the field. In this regard,  I would highly recommend that you check out some of the successful articles we have written about the 21st century education and watch the video below to better consolidate your ideas and come out with a clear picture of what it takes to teach in the 21st century classroom.

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Watch this awesome video

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