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Two Awesome Videos for Teachers to Watch

Watching videos of relevant interest is a major part of our professional development. Although a video might sometimes take you more time than would a written article, still there are many benifts these multimeida clips provide and most important of them all is engagement. It is a human nature that anything that is animated with pictures and audio would arouse both our sensory and cognitive curiosity and that is what videos exactly do and this is also the reason why people would pay more attention to details in a video than in a written text.

So if you find yourself having some free time during this weekend, then Educational Tecnology and Mobile Learning has two suggestions for you.  These are two great videos that are moderately short one is 6 minutes and the other is 11 minutes long. The topics of these videos clicks in with what we post here in this blog so I am pretty sure you will like them.

1- Changing Education Paradigms

This is a talk given by Sir Ken Robenson ( a world renowned education and creativity expert )

2- Why Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning is seen by many as a distruptive technology. This is because it has been identified as a technology shich holds great potential to transform the learning and teaching within a classrom. Below is a mash up presented at the NSWDEC 5th biennial equity conference in 2011 which explains some of the issues.

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