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This is how to Use iPad to Enhance Students Reading Skills

iPad is still fascinating me with its huge potential in education. After the Teachers Guide to The Use of iPad in Education and all the other posts I have published about iPad as a learning tool, I am trying today to explore some ways teachers can use this device to improve students reading skills.

ipad for reading

As you might have learned from the Teacher's iPad guide I posted earlier,there are many reasons why there is a growing educational focus on the iPad and most important of all these reasons are  its portability feature and ease of use. I know it is too early to talk about iPad as a replacememnt of the tradional book but the speed at which schools and educational centres all around the world are embracing  it is a clear omen that there will soon be a culture of digital eBooks and virtual libraries where access to books will be as easy as sending an email.

What are the reasons that make iPad a reading revolution instigator ?

Here are some reasons why iPad is revolutionzing reading :

iPad promotes what is called reading for pleasure. Its physical shape and sleek design makes it a pleasure to have between your hands. People with internet connection can read their favourite magazines, papers, blogs on the go and wherever they are.
It promotes reading and literacy in an innovative and exciting fashion. There are now iBooks Author  and iTunes U that provides an arsenal of free reading resources without even having to worry about copyright issues.
The integration of  instant annotation, internet research, audio podcasting,YouTube compatibility and even the ability to create ebooks using iBooks Author, is a powerful impetus for students to read and interact with what they read positively.
iPad users can also buy texts and sync them across all their devices
Most of the digital texts on the iPad has certain elements of interaction and engagement fostering thus the core reading skills of annotation, skimming and scanning in a format that can be saved or erased very easily.
There are several smart apps that work on the ipad that can help readers save their research reading and access their reads through their home devices, without being dependant on the vast expanse of the web. Dropbox, Evernote to mention but a few.

Practical techniques to  enhance reading using iPad

1- Use iPad as an eBook reader and have a free access to the myraid  reading resources provided there

2- Take a screenshot of the page students are reading and let them use the annotation tools to annotate and add notes to it before sharing it with each others. This provides a good opportunity for them to form ideas, engage in debate and hone their key reading skills.

3-  Use Notability app to create multi-modal notes. Students can annotate and add audio notes to their screenshots and either save them or email them to others

4- Students can use ExplainEverything to create awesome presentations on the things they read . These presentations can include files, docs, images, and even audio commentary.

5- Students can use Safari web browser on iPad to search for authors, book reviews, and other reading materials to save and store in apps like GoodReader or Dropbox, and then they can edit and interact with these resources easily creating presentation as suggested above.

6- Students can use iPad to read poetry. IFPoems  is a great app that will allow them to have a direct access to an anthology sellection of poetry organised in a great and intuitive way.

This post is based on " Can The iPad Help Enhance Reading in The Classroom ?" published on Huntingenglish

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