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SoundGecko Easily Convert Any Article to Audio

Today as I was wading through my RSS feeds I came across a great tool called SoundGecko . This  is a free  text-to-audio transcribing web service that allows users to easily listen to any article on the go. After reviewing this service I decided to add it to the Best Free Text to Speech tools for teachers.

The way SoundGecko works is very simple and easy. Just head over to its homepage and paste in the URL of the article you want to convert into audio and provide a valid email address and SoundGecko will instantly send you the MP3 file of that article.

SoundGecko has also several other cool features that it provides for its users such as : connecting your Google Drive or Dropbox account to it and it will automatically place a copy of the MP3 audio file on your cloud drive. It also works on any device and has an iPhone app if you want to listen to articles on the go. There is also a Chrome extenson for SoudGeck to install on your toolbar.

Head over to SoundGecko and give it a try

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