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A List of Free Must Have PDF Tools for Educators

I love PDFs and I favour them over the other document formats and I am pretty sure many of you love then too. There are many things we can do with them apart from just viewing and reading them. Web 2.0 technologies have provided us with some free awesome tools to interact with this document format. We can now annotate, highlight, customize text font, add colours, add hyperlinks and many more, things which were until recently impossible to do on PDFs.

Educational Technplogy and Mobile Learning has been diligently reviewing some of the best free PDF tools out there and came up with this list that you , as a teacher, can use to work on your PDF and perform all the actions mentioned above and many more. Check out the list below

1- PDF Aid

PDF Aid is a cool web tool that allows users to easily extract images from PDF files. The tool is completely free and very simple to use. I have tried it and it is working quite satisfactorily. If you have a PDF containing several images and wondered how to extract all these images with a single click then PDF Aid will definitely be your solution.

2- PDF Reader

PDF Reader is an amazing free tool that you can use to annotate your PDFs just as if you are editing a word document.

3- PDF to Excel Converter 

PDF to Excel Converter is a cool web tool that allows users to turn any PDF to Excel for easy editing.

4- PDF Converter

PDF Converter is a great tool that allows its users  to create PDFs from virtually any document format or convert PDF documents to Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

5- Web2PDF

This service is particularly useful for those who have already set up a classroom blog or website or even a personal blog. Web2PDF Online allows its users to easily convert HTML to PDF so that visitors to your blog can save information on your website in the form of a PDF.

6- Booklet Creator

 As its name entails , it enables users to easily and quickly convert any PDF document to a printable booklet. 

7- PageFlipFlap

It allows its users to convert any Word or PDF document into a flip book. I personally like the sleek and clean format of flip books. They are such an enjoyment to read.

8- I Love PDF

This tool allows its users to either merge several PDF files into one or split them. This is very easy to use and does not require any download or installation software.

9- PDF to Word

PDF to Word is a great web2.0 tool that allows it users to quickly convert their PDFs into other word formats

10- Bee PDF

Bee PDF is a free hosting and sharing website . It allows its users to upload their PDFs and share them with others

11- HTML to PDF

HTML to PDF is a simple converter that can turn any web page or blog post to a PDF document in seconds.

12- BlogBooker

It allows you to “ produce a high-quality PDF blog book from all your blog entries and comments . Archives can be generated from any blog running on Wordpress, Blogger , Live Journal and its derivatives . The whole process takes about 3 to 4 minutes depending on the size of your blog.”

13- PDF Tools for Researchers

Here is a list of some awesome PDF tools that can be use by researchers, teachers, and students.

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