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A Great Free Tool to Easily Annotate and Highlight PDF content

PDFs are probably one of the most used file formats online. We all love them because of their high readability and clean surface. However, a marked downside that users used to complain about when using PDFs is the inability to annotate and hilight their content.The good news is you will no longer fret over this issue anymore , for  PDF Reader has the solution.

pdf tools

PDF Reader is an amazing free tool that you can use to annotate your PDFs just as if you are editing a word document. I have personally tried it and found it way more than my expectations because the thing with these web tools sometimes you read its title and what its  developer says about it and you think it is great only to be disappointed when you try it yourself. That is why I always make sure I try the tools first before sharing them with you.

pdf tools

PDF reader is very easy to use. Just head over to its main page and click on the button to upload your PDF and once uploaded use the tool bar provided to select whether you want to annotate , add text, highlight text, change text colour, add background colour, or simply add a hyperlink. You can do all and many more for free and at the instant of a click.

Because of its great importance for educators I am going to add it to the List of Educational PDF Tools I am compiling here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Watch the video below to learn how to use PDF Reader

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