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Future of Plagiarism : Interesting Facts

Plagiarism is one of the curses of the technological revolution we are living in. Our students are growing more and more dependant on inappropriately using the net to do their assignments and steal others content and present it as theirs. Worse of all, mobile technology has made it even way easier for them to plagiarise even within classroom. This is in fact a serious problem that teachers single handed would not be able to solve. There must be a massive collaboration between all the educational players to address the issue and try to come up with urgent solutions to it.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning , however, has tried to give a hand to educators facing this dilemma by providing them with a list of free  effective tools to easily  detect plagiarism in students work. Check them out

Below is an awesome infographic  created by PlagTracker which is also another  effective plagiarism detector tool. This infographic provides some facts about plagiarism and its future. Check it out its great.


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