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Free Web Tools to Crop, Resize, Rotate, Add text and Effects to your Photos

Images and pictures are great visual aides in teachning. We all include them in our lesson planning for illustration and more elucidation purposes especially when it comes to explaining hard concepts. It's awesome to add your personal touch to images you use like adding a text, a caption, chaging colour, ect. It makes you control what you want share and this is why I compiled a list of some great photo editing tools that teachers can use very easily and in most of the times without any registration. I have also previously published another equally important list of free web tools that lets you turn picture into avatars and cartoons, check it out.

Using the  web tools below  , you will be able to :

  • Change colours
  • add text and captions to pictures
  • Crop, rotate and resize pictures with ease
  • Edit photos with many different effects
  • Add picture frames and borders
  • Online Photo editors that works directly in your web browser

1- Aviary

This is a web based tool that lets you edit images and share them online. It also offers a suite of powerful tools such as effects editor, audio and music creator and many more.


This is a photo editing platform that provides a set of tools to work on your images and share them with others.

3- Picresize

This a tool that lets you resize your pictures to fit in a certain measures. It is great for creating pictures with specific pixel measurement.

4- Dr Pic

This is an easy free online picture editor that allows you to make all kinds of tweaking on your images.

5- Fun Photo Box

This is an awesome tool to create funny photos, you add effects and share them, just watch out for the many   ads they have there.

6- Pixlr

This is another great photo editor to add tweaks and effects to your images before you share them.

7- BeFunky

This is a tool to transform your images into extraordinary works of art in just a few clicks.

8- Foto Flexer

This is an advanced photo editor that allows you to create dazzling photo effects for free in your browser.

9- Clipica

This is a free web app that lets you upload and host images on the web just by pasting them into the browser.

10-, as its name suggests, is a web tool that allows you to crop your images in different sizes. You will need to upload pics to crop.

11- PicMonkey

This web tool allows you to edit your photos and create a collage for them.It also provides awesome frames for your pictures.

12- Picozu

Picozu is an image drawing and photo retouching application built on Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.It requires a modern browser if you want to play with it.

13- Any Making

This tool allows you to apply a lot of nice and fun photo editing effects to joke with your friends. You can make a beautiful artworks from your everyday pictures.

14- Pic Juice

Pic Juice is an online photo editor that lets you easily edit your photos, resize, crop, rotate, flip and adjust contrast and color levels.

15- Live Photo Editor

This editor allows users to upload images and start applying effects on them such as : resizing, creating a balance, speciall effects, add frames, add text, create banners, rotate and many more.

16- Pic Ghost

This one here lets you :  select multiple images from your computer or  any other online resource, edit and resize your ulpoaded images, and preview edited images then download them.

17- PiZap

Pizap lets you edit photos, make a collage, change photo backgrounds, add timeline covers, web effects and many more.

18- Citrify

This is an easy and simple photo editor tool that lets users enhance their photos with a set of tweaks and effects .

19- Bubblr
Bubblr is a tool to create comic strips using photos from It also lets you search images and add bubbles to them.

20- Caption Bubble
This tool is a cool one. It lets you make your photos talk by adding speech or thought bubbles onto them. You can share your finsihed work with others too.

21- iPiccy

iPiccy makes your photo awesome with many easy to use photo tools. It also allows you to edit pictures, apply beautiful photo effects, add text and even paint.

22- Pictful

This is another awesome photo editing platform where you can upload photos and add your own personal effect to them before you share them with others.

23- Clip your Photos

this tool lets you customize your photos and play with them as you want. You can , for instance, add rippled reflection to your photos and make them look fancy and hilarious.

24- Tuxpi Photo Editor

This is a photo editor that allows you to change colors, add frames and borders, crop, rotate and resize your pictures.

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