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A Clever Tip to Easily Develop Students Creative Thinking

Creativity is something that every teacher aspires to nurture in his students. Creative thinking is a skill equally important to the other 21st century skills  such as critical thinking and problem solving. We all want our students to be innovative and adopt a creative approach to their learning and forget about that ' shot gun ' approach they picked up from bad study habits.


 Technology can help us alot in developing this skill and there are some great free tools designed specifically to boost learners creativity that teachers can try with their students. We, as teachers and educators, should first be creative if we want our kids to be creative. We need to be their role model and creativity in teaching means, in its simplest forms, ' trying new and original ways of teaching the same thing to different classes '. It is through trial and error that creativity grows bigger but there is also another decisive element which is time. Creative ideas need time and patience to conceptualize . Watch the video below to learn more about the importance of time in creativity. This is a very short video which wont take a lot from your time but will definitely teach you a lot.

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