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The Best 11 Presentation and Slides Search Engines for Teachers

Searching for presentations and slideshows using a general search engine is not a practical choice to take. While such engines can also provide search results containing presentations but will never be as effective and time saving as a special presentation search engine. Unfortunately some educators still go to Google, Yahoo or Bing to look for presentations while in fact they can make their search way easier and beneficial with a single click in a specific  search engine, one that  is designed, in the first place,  to host and provide users with only presentations.

I take it for granted that you all know how to make your own presentations ( if you think you still can't. then I recommend you check these free presentation tools to start with ) I also suggest that you check out these four platforms if you want to download some ready made presentations to use in your classroom.

Below is a list of some of the best presentation search engines.

1- PPT Search Engine

presentation search engines

As its name suggests this is a free search engine where you can search for and find different Power Point presentations.

2- Slide Finder

presentation search engines

This is another awesome search engine that provides thousands of slides .

3- Slide World

presentation search engines

Slide World has over 7.650.583 presentations that you can search for using key words.

4- Presentation 2 Go

presentation search engines

Presentation 2 Go lets you easily search and download Power Point presentation in Ppt slides.

5- SlideBoom

presentation search engines

This a website that lets you besides creating remarkable presentations, explore presentations in 100+ different languages and 30+ topics.

6- Brupt

presentation search engines

Brupt is based on Google Custom Search Engine and allows users to search for  different types of docs including Power Point.

7- Search Documents

presentation search engines

This is a great website that lets you search documents and presentations from across several document sharing communities.

8- Scribd

presentation search engines

This is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. It also contains thousands of presentations ready for download.

9- SlideShare

presentation search engines

This one here offers users the ability to search ,upload and share publicly or privately Power Point presentations, word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios.

10- Docstoc

This is a community for people to find and share and all kinds of documents.

11- Issuu

presentation search engines

Issuu is a platform where users can publish, host, search for and download presentations and documents.

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