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Apple Offers Free iPad-In-Education Webcast Series for Teachers

Apple's investments in education are accruing day after day and news coming from its headquarters are confirming this fact. With the end of the school year, Apple surprised everyone with the launch of Tune In Series which is a program of series of webcast events covering the iPad and many of the technologies that Appple introduced during its education event in January.The surprise lays not in the nature of these series but in the fact that it is free and open to teachers and IT professionals. Free is not a word that Apple likes to attach to its products but this one has made the exception.

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Tune In Series is a great free professional development program for you. We have been talking a lot here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning about the potential of iPad in education and doing many iOS Apps Reviews but now you have the chance to  move to the practical part and be tutored by Apple experts on how to gear this technology to the advancement of your teaching and learning.

Tune In Series is running every week through the end of August. Each day of the week, Apple will cover a different kind of technology and will invite questions from the audience. Some examples of the topics that will be tackled are : iTunes U as a resource for the classroom, iBooks Author, iLife and iWork plus many more.

If you have missed the previous webcasts then you can have access to their recordings which are available for free on Apple's education site but registration is required.

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