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A Quick Guide to Chat Acronyms and Text Message Shothands

Just a month ago I posted here an excellent infographic about 12 Great Internet Acronyms  acronyms online and soon afterwards I got an email fron one of my connections in LinkedIn asking for a detailed free dictionary for online acronyms.I am glad today I find out an aswer that will definitely work well not only for him but for all of you too.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that internet and mobile device users have developed a conventional code made up of acronyms and shorthands to ease the flow of communication and also in some cases even protect their  interchanges. Well not anymore, Netlingo has cracked the code and made it easy for anyone to do so. I recommend that you check the long list of acronyms and text message shorhand that folks at Netlingo has compiled.

The list is  print friendly ,  just click on the print icon near the tile ( not here , in their page of course ) and you will have all of the list in your hand to refer to whenever need be.

I am sharing here just a small portion of the list and if you want to have  access the whole list and probably print it click HERE.

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